Buena Vista's Parent Teacher Association

Buena Vista has a variety of student and community events, programs and activities to enrich the students, administration and families of the Buena Vista community. From Movie Night to Spell-a-thon, Multi-cultural week to Reader's Night, Field Day to Administration Appreciation Week - PTA takes pride in the way we participate and support our community. 

To find out more or be a part of the PTA come to the next meeting where we talk about events, happenings and the activities of the Buena Vista community.

Why have a PTA?

The Buena Vista PTA has supported the staff and administration to deliver on the diverse resources needed to offer a rounded education to our children. In previous years, when budget cuts eliminated the extracurriculars of music, PE, and science, the PTA stepped in to fund these teacher positions. Today, budget cuts are still passing while the need (and expenses) for complex teaching modules and resources are rising. Through PTA, and the support of parents and staff, PTA is able to support Buena Vista towards creating a robust learning environment that includes advanced technology, social awareness experiences and skills, exposure to cultural diversity, and fine arts and academics activities.